Those simulations have been done for my end of studies papers of air traffic controller.
This shows what French air traffic controllers of "en route" centers will get on their screens in the near future. The study of this new interface is done by the CENA. The Flash animation by me.
You can see screenshots of the simu.


With those simulations, you can:

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New since 16 may 2002: a game on air traffic control....
You'll find 4 free to use simulations of air traffic control, all done with the Macromedia program called Flash. So check that your browser got the last plug in. Those simulations are illimited for you can change the aircraft data base within a text editor!
Size of the simulations is only 133Ko (30s with a modem).
For the ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation) Students, training simulations: acc1, acc2 and app2 are available.

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